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City Park Events

Our team specializes in creating family-oriented events that bring the whole community together and create memories that last a lifetime. Due to the COVID pandemic, our events are currently limited to movies in the park where we can physically designate social distancing spaces.  For more information about how we make our events safe during these times, please contact us.

City Park Events Presents Movies in the Park

Our 2021 Lineup!

Here’s a list of our 100 most popular movies for 2021. Don’t see a movie you want to show?  Contact us, we have thousands of titles that can be licensed.

Let’s Talk About Your Event

If you'd like to discuss a planned event or just envision what could be, please use this form to start a conversation. We swear that we will not share your information with anyone, not even our moms.
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      If you have any promotional material from this or past events, budget spreadsheets, or planning documents, you can share them with us here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes City Park Events better than others?2020-06-25T03:19:10+00:00
    City Park Events deploys bright, high-power video walls that look spectacular in any weather or lighting conditions.  Typical setups using inflatable screens with projectors are inferior because they are highly sensitive to light which means you can’t start playing movies during the summer until 9:30 at night which makes for a late exit time for families. Using our video wall systems, movies can begin as early as 6:00 PM which means even a double-feature event can wrap up by 11:00 PM.
    Can we have a Friday and Saturday night event?2020-06-25T03:20:23+00:00
    Yes, however, all movies have to be licensed individually and a fee for overnight security to protect equipment is required.
    Does City Park Events carry insurance?2020-06-25T03:23:34+00:00
    Yes.  City Park Events and/or its parent company will provide a Certificate of Insurance from our insurance carrier as soon as an event is booked. We carry $1 million in liability coverage in addition to other risk mitigation measures like an engineering certificate that confirms our setups are safe and reliable.
    How long does it take to set up equipment?2020-06-25T03:25:21+00:00
    Depending on the size of the screen, setup takes about four hours.  Our trucks will need access to the site where equipment is to be set up.  We cannot set up in areas where equipment has to be carried down/up stairs, our 500-pound flight cases can only roll.
    What if it rains?2020-06-25T03:25:52+00:00
    Our events take place rain or shine.  The equipment our team deploys is weatherproof.
    What are the power requirements?2020-06-25T03:29:24+00:00
    We require at least 200 amp service that will power to 18,000 watts.  If the park where the event is taking place does not have adequate power, we bring a trailered generator to fill the gap for a fee of about $400 per day.
    How is security handled?2020-06-25T03:30:23+00:00
    As with most events in a city park, security is provided by local police.  It is the responsibility of the park district to provide what it deems as adequate security.
    Are the movies shown legally licensed?2020-06-25T03:30:57+00:00
    Yes. Our team will facilitate the licensing of movies between Hollywood and your park district.  Movies can only be licensed to your park district, not City Park Events.
    What kind of stage is required?2020-06-25T03:31:46+00:00
    While a stage is not necessary, a hard, level surface is required.  If one is not available for the event, City Park Events can add a stage capable of supporting our equipment for a nominal fee.
    What about social distancing?2020-06-25T03:32:24+00:00
    For events through May of 2021, City Park Events will use chalk to outline family viewing areas that are spaced to keep everyone safe.  After May 2021, we will still provide this service at a park district’s request for a nominal fee.
    Does City Park Events provide concessions?2020-06-25T03:34:58+00:00
    Yes, we offer a concession stand with $2 family-friendly snack options that add to the overall fun experience of the event.  For safety's sake, all items in our concession stand are prepackaged.   Our clients have the option to invite local high school booster clubs, civic clubs, or other organizations to provide concessions.  Park districts may also want to consider inviting a number of food trucks to set up at the events to provide hot food service to the community. An optional free popcorn service can also be added to the event.
    What is our city or park district responsible for?2020-06-25T03:36:09+00:00
    Your park district will work with our team on event details and site layout and is responsible for event security, parking and access, restroom facilities, handwashing stations, and trash removal.
    How big is the movie screen?2020-06-25T03:37:47+00:00
    Our smallest screen is 17' wide by 10' tall and our largest screen is 22' wide by 13' tall.  All of our screens are bright and beautiful from 100 yards and beyond.
    Are movies hard to see outdoors?2020-06-25T03:38:13+00:00
    No, we deploy cutting-edge, high-powered video walls that can be clearly seen in direct sunlight.
    How long does it take to remove equipment?2020-06-25T03:38:46+00:00
    Equipment can typically be removed in less than two hours.
    Does City Park Events promote Movie in the Park events?2020-06-25T03:39:40+00:00
    YES!  We will help your park district with poster design and online promotion via a website and social media.  We want to help you produce a hugely popular and successful event.  Our events are full each and every time.
    Who are the sponsors of the event?2020-06-25T03:41:09+00:00
    These events are financially sponsored by local businesses.  Event sponsors are big – like Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft – and small including local businesses in your community.  City Park Events is responsible for sponsor selection, vetting, and approval.  Only family-friendly sponsors are allowed to participate.
    Who operates the equipment?2020-06-25T03:41:29+00:00
    The team at City Park Events will take care of everything, from setup to projection to tear down, we’ve got you covered.
    What budget is required for a movie in the park event?2020-06-25T03:14:50+00:00
    The bulk of the cost for a Movie in the Park event is paid for by event sponsors. A park district is responsible for the cost of licensing the movies that we show at the event which are based on the currency and popularity of the movies available and the number of people expected to attend and typically range from $400 to $2,000. In 2020, for example, the cost to run Toy Story 4 to an audience of 1,000 people is about $1,200.  Park districts are also responsible for law enforcement, restrooms, and trash collection.
    What movies are available?2020-06-24T05:32:38+00:00
    Typically, any movie that is available for rent or pay-per-view can be licensed for a City Park Event. Our website is up to date with the most popular selections available, but CPE has licensing access to over 1,000 movies.  Please email with any specific movie requests and we'll get right back to you!